Wednesday, June 9, 2010

summer vegan, had me a blast!

So what's new:

1. I am in complete total love with my vitamix ( I better be for how expansive those things are). I seriously use it 2 times a day at least. In addition to my green protein smoothie that I make for breakfast, I usually make a real fruit sorbet everyday for dessert. You just throw in some frozen fruit, soy milk, ice and a little juice and you get a yummy refreshing summertime treat! Loves it! If you want to get a little naughty you can throw in some unsweetened cocoa powder, stevia extract, soy milk and ice and it taste like a milk shake ( and the best part is there is no guilt). I have also made some 100 % fresh fruit syrup which was yummy. Just a little advice, don't use the vitamix to make your mashed potatoes. I tried that yesterday and it made the potatoes so starchy because of how much it got mixed. Hey I am learning as I go.
2. I was able to check out a vegan restaurant called Beets when I was in Austin and it was Amazing! It was not only vegan but Raw. I got pizza and a caesar salad and it was totally scrumptious, seriously I think it is the best vegan meal I have so far. I went there with my sister in laws and 2 of my nephews. My nephews ordered some raw chocolate almond milk and when they took a sip they totally winced. I think its safe to say they weren't big fans. They did like their food though and I was able to steal their choc milk so I scored on that deal.
3. I am curious if I will be able to do the vegan diet when I get pregnant. I have done lots of research that is for it and other research that is against it. So when I do get preggo I am hoping to hit up a nutritionist and see what they say.

Enjoy all the yummy summer fruit and goodbye for now!