Tuesday, August 17, 2010


When Reins and I started eating vegan I had this dreaded thought that I would never be able to eat a sandwich ever again ( besides PB and J). I mean the whole basis of the sandwich is meat and cheese, so I figured vegans had no hope for partaking in a delicious sandwich...but I was proved wrong. It was hot and sunny Friday afternoon when Reins, mom and I went to Pomegranate cafe and what we discovered that day would change our lives forever. First off, they had a mini bagel sandwich that was vegan and so scrumptious; it had hummus. basil pesto ( anything with pest is divine!) avocado, cucumber and lettuce. Not only was this probably the healthiest sandwich I had ever eaten, but it was one of the yummiest too. Thank you Pomegranate cafe for making me realize that yummy vegan sandwiches can be done. But there was something at Pomegranate cafe that was even better than the sandwich...they had raw vegan chocolate cheesecake. OMG its true! It was so creamy and delightful. Pomegranate cafe has now made the list of our favorite dining joints and I recommend checking it out. It is far, but worth the trip.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Easy Homeade Vegan Ice Cream

As you probably guessed from the post title, my sugar strike is over. It only lasted 2 weeks. What can I say, when the weekend rolls around I start thinking about sweets. Everyone deserves a litttle something sweet on the weekend, right? Maybe I could have stuck with it longer if more people would have joined in the strike ( Olivia)! So Sunday Josh and I made some homeade vegan icecream that was totally delicious, you wouldnt even know it was dairy free ( Josh loved it too) My mom is the one that told us about the recipe so I have to say Thanks to her. Give the recipe a try:

Vanilla Vegan Ice Cream

64 oz of Mocha Mix ( you can find this in the milk section next to the coffee creamer)
2 cups sugar
1/2 tsp salt
2 Tbs vanilla

Its simple and delicious, but definitely not healthy. Speaking of healthy I tried that diet my nutritionist told me to do and didn't get any results. I am so fed up with trying to eat well and exercising and still not getting any results. It is the worst! But I am proud of myself for being healthy and so I am going to stick with veganism/vegetarianism.