Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sugar Strike!!!

Have you ever had one of those weekends where you totally binge out on junk food? Yes that was me this weekend. And after its all said and done you just feel crappy. I do believe sugar is evil. A while back Reins and I went a month without sweets and it felt good. So I am inviting anyone who wants to join me on a sugar strike! I am going to start tomorrow and the goal is to see how long I can say no to sweets. I am hoping to make it a month at least....maybe longer. Its time to say hello to fruit for dessert and goodbye to chocolate. SO come on and join in on the strike. If you do decide to join I would love to hear your comments on your progress. Good luck!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Status

Yes I have been on hiatus, its summer and I rarley take time to hang on the computer. But I decided it was time to tell the world that I am transitioning from being vegan to becoming vegetarian. Its true. I went to a nutritionist because I have had issues loosing weight ( regardless of hours at the gym and healthy eating) and she looked at my food log and said I needed to add more protein to my meals. So I am adding nuts into my daily regime and I plan on eating some occasional organic string cheese and organic plain greek yogurt to my menu. She also recommend adding free range eggs to my diet when I do become pregnant. So I plan on eating vegan most of the time still, I am still using dairy alternatives instead of milk and I have been adding tofu to my diet. I feel so grown up when I eat it. I was nervous at first, but the truth is, it can be really good. Reins and I have transitioned out of eating fake meat ( we indulge ourselves maybe once a week) and I plan on making some tempah dishes this week and some seitan dishes as well. Reins is keeping up with being full fledge vegan. I am so proud of her! I still believe it is such a healthy way to eat and I am sad that I will no longer be able to say I'm vegan, however,I did have some string cheese today and it was delightful. I will let you know if this new plan helps me loose some pounds.