Saturday, October 2, 2010

Going Bananas

Sorry that I have been MIA for a while. Here is the thing, the last few weeks I haven't been eating as well as I should have. I wasn't doing anything too crazy, but I wasn't getting in my fruits and veggies like I needed. Then this week came and I had a new rush of motivation to get back to healthy regiment. I went out and bought some greens so I could make my green smoothies for breakfast and I bought some other veggies and fruit to snack on. It feels good to be back. Next step was to find some new yummy recipes to try so I browsed over fat free vegan ( my new favorite site) and I stumbled upon a few recipes I am going to try this week. This morning I made the banana french toast recipe from the site and it was so yummy! It tasted like banana bread, yummers! Bananas make everything so good. And to my surprise Josh was willing to give the vegan french toast a try and he really liked it too. He topped his off with maple syrup and I went for a less sugary route and put a little almond butter and strawberries on mine. The next recipe I am going to try from fat free vegan is the pesto pasta salad. I am in total L-O-V-E with pesto but it is so high in fat because of the oil content. Well the recipe on fat free vegan uses silken tofu instead of oil, which means a lot less fat and more protein. That's what you call a win, win situation. I will let you know how it goes. So here is my thought for the day: if you are lacking motivation, find a new yuumy recipe that inspires you to eat some good veggies. I know its such a deep thought...ok well I need to make my grocery list and hit up whole foods with my mom and sis. I will try to do better at updates and not wait a month to blog.

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Anonymous said...

Gilly, I am having a nice romance with my fruits and veggies lately. Some people think its boring,but I think its nice. Reins