Sunday, October 24, 2010

Seeing double...chin

Since it is Halloween I thought I would post this scary picture. Do you ever have a picture that you see and you can't believe that you look like the image in the picture? Well this picture made me want to hide in my house and never come out. I have a double chin...Yikes, how did this happen? On a positive note my mom and sis do look rather cute. This picture made me decide it is time to kick up my workout and try to get rid of this double chin before the holidays. I am going back to bootcamp starting tomorrow and I hope it will do the trick. I have also gone back to the daily green smoothie for breakfast. Happy Halloween!

1 comment:

ames said...

double chin?!?! I see no such thing. Maybe that's because its overshadowed by the jealously I have right now. All of you look amazing and beautiful.